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This organic cork leather necklace is a symbol for protection, also known for bringing joy and good fortune. Wear this as a reminder to always be a beacon of light and bring happiness to those around you. The Helena makes a perfect gift for your loved ones and those who love vegan products.
Product Details
Material: Organic Cork Oak, Zamak 
About The Material
Cork is a natural material obtained from the bark of oak tree. When an oak tree reaches around 25 years old, an one inch-thick layer of cork bark will be harvested without damage to the tree. The bark of mature cork oak can be harvested every nine years. After sterilization, cork bark is pressed flat into a thin cloth. 
Cork is a lightweight, waterproof, resistant, renewable, and durable vegan material. An eco-friendly and cruelty-free material to replace animal leather. Cork bags make unique and special gifts for everyone, especially vegans, vegetarians, and the environmentally conscious. 
Features of Cork Oak Leather
Abrasion Resistant
Soft & Flexible
100% Organic Cork
PETA-Approved Vegan
Made in Portugal

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